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Art And Entertainment According To Public View

Art and Entertainment According To Public View

How Do Art And Entertainment According To Public View?

Art gallery of entertainment as desired publication, a clone art that maintains the same artistic values for members of the elite of the same cultural community.

Art and entertainment are more like activities. Art generates thoughts and emotions between audiences so they can be referred to as meaning.

While entertainment creates thoughts and painters, museums, art galleries create emotions that create pleasure for them by allowing their members to realize that the artistic and entertaining events they face have spurred their minds and This emotion. Acrobats create fear with their courage, and the audience appreciates their fear because they know the events before creating this fear. Mystery stories produce tension in the gallery by collecting clues and tensions, the audience appreciates the puzzle, as well as the atmosphere of the contemporary painter, the fiction in which the puzzle is developed.

Entertainment According To Public View

Card games and sports are two sources of entertainment because the audience pays attention to the way the game is played, i.e. whether the giver must move the shovel and whether compression can cause the museum. Art for runners to score: any source to participate in a game of coincidence or athletic skills.

Entertainment is more popular than art, as it restricts what the audience should do to understand what happened before, art galleries, while art opens publicly for any association that can be done by its members. Between art and art objects. Life Art and Shows Museum of contemporary art and performance paintings.

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