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Art And Entertainment Past And Present

Art And Entertainment Past And Present

What Are Art And Entertainment?

Understanding of Cultural Arts – The life of a human being cannot be separated from the name of art and culture. Since ancient times, art and culture have existed so that art and culture are united in society.

Understanding of cultural arts can be interpreted from various sides, namely in terms of expert opinion and in general. So that later we can find out what art culture means.

Understanding Of Cultural Arts According To Experts

According to experts, art means that appearance and disclosure do not deviate from reality. Art can also be interpreted as a means to imitate nature.

The term art can also be interpreted as the beauty that can move a person’s feelings to see it.

Art and entertainment are media that according to all tastes, are two sides of the same currency. The only difference is that entertainment material has a popular or massive appeal. It can be easily understood by ordinary people, while art implies a subtle sense of understanding. The distinction between Van Gogh’s paintings and James Bond films. One is art, the other is entertainment. But the goal of the two is to calm the mind and produce a pleasant feeling.

The Difference Between Art And Entertainment

This art includes paintings, poetry, sculptures, installations in studios and museums. Entertainment includes Hollywood movies, TV series, theater, and circus.
Nowadays, artists are trying to create more interactive art so that the creation touches everyone. His poems are a rap song. Contemporary art is very confused with everyday problems, problems or situations facing someone. Aphrodite is classical Greek art. Leonardo da Vinci’s Monalisa is a Renaissance art made of Poplar paper and oil paints. Pablo Picasso and Vincent Vangogh contributed to modern art. Postmodern art or contemporary art include installations, intermediate art, multimedia, and conceptual art. Brian Andreas, Allan Graham is an artist of this age.

Postmodern Installation

The art of installation is a very new concept in postmodern art, it is a special three-dimensional space designed to change the perception of space. The three-dimensional effect of this art makes it unique compared to other art forms.

Past The Entertainment Phase

The man has given himself entertainment with drama, King and queen themes, medieval dramas and popular songs. Entertainment resources demonstrate the form and nature of the modified entertainment over time in response to changing public demand. Movies are increasingly popular with camera discovery. First, it is the era of silence, just move the image without sound. Discovery Voice recorder was introduced in Talkies, a movie with sound and dialogue. The latest technology is the high definition 3D movie Avatar. Entertainment is no longer limited to movies but switches to video games, games on the Internet. Entertainment is an institution in itself and has its own thriving business market.

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