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Economic Development Through Arts And Entertainment

Economic Development Through Arts And Entertainment

Economic Development Through Arts And Entertainment

I say that we need art and entertainment. A small group to organize community events helps promote the fame of some of our local talents. There are many designers, writers, architects, and artists around us. Some of them are self-employed, some work outdoors and need help in marketing and developing their reputation. Not to mention they have to join the arts and entertainment community if they want to be more popular by being part of the group.

What about the use of art and entertainment as a tool for economic development? Why not use this area to help put the city on the map, so the world knows that local talent is the cream of the harvest? Why not have a bunch of writers and artists, and why not organize events that can be visited by all members of the community and see people from elsewhere? This will help them sell their jobs and contribute to economic development.

Artists and writers are also entrepreneurs, they are independent, as well as for our architects and designers. And you may be surprised to know that in your own community, you have several artists, comedian, local bands, and DJs, who also work on their own. Promoting a small business helps everyone. These guys should also buy computers, paintings, costumes, and coffee, lots of coffee. You can also have designer clothes, weavers, carpet makers and blankets of all the women who make blankets? Trust me when I tell you that there are many people in your community who are participating in this type of activity, this is your own little world, this is your own business.

Why not promote all of this in a local chamber of commerce, why not boost it as economic development and allow these people to gather and sell their products at a major exhibit or local event? It will take people to that area, people who will spend money, go to the restaurant and enjoy the day. They will also buy what all these artists produce. And they can enjoy the entertainment during their stay, or even arrange schedules with some artists for private parties.

Promoting your local small business, especially small businesses, all home-based operations from men or women is a good idea: these artists and artists need our help. In fact, I hope you think about it and think about it.

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