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Food And Drink Dishes For Weddings

Food And Drink Dishes For Weddings

Food And Drink Dishes For Weddings

With so many things to set before your wedding, it might be a good idea to keep your food and drinks simple. But for your tastes and your guests are satisfied, choose what you can do best, it’s a seasoned dish and quality. It’s not hard to do and still affordable.

The hardest part of choosing the food and drink you have to have for your wedding is to satisfy everyone’s appetite. You have to choose a menu that suits all tastes so that most of your guests really enjoy your meal, reminding you of your wedding day as something memorable.

There are plenty of dining options at your reception, but we’ve reduced it to three to help you make your decision easier. Guests can have a snack (sandwich), a buffet or lunch or dinner, depending on the reception.

Financial And Food Crisis:

During the most difficult economic times, the buffet can be a good choice as it is more profitable. If you choose a buffet, you can choose from a variety of dishes. Therefore, whether your guests are vegetarians, vegans, or meat lovers, they can choose what they want.


Canape is usually the most expensive option. If you select Canape, we recommend that you check it before selecting the menu. Keep in mind that some guests may not have breakfast, so it may not be recommended to drink with an empty stomach.

In general, before having lunch plan about 5 or more canapes per person. The combination of a good canapes meal to choose from your guests is composed of cold and hot canapes, with at least 25% vegetarians and 15% veganism. Make sure you have qualified staff who can tell your guests. Make sure they get the information before doing their job. Try not to pick out the hard-to-eat canapes because you and your guests may end up with a disaster.


Make the wedding event more interesting by choosing a simple and easy to eat appetizer that uses seasonal dishes. If you want to satisfy everyone, choose from cold and vegetarian dishes. It is also easy to eat and can be served as soon as all the guests come.

Main Course:

When you choose to arrange a buffet for your wedding, it is a good idea to tell your staff when each table can take your food to avoid density and chaos. If you choose to have lunch or dinner, the easy-to-prepare dishes that can be served in one meal will make the chef and staff easier.

Regarding the entrance, consider the time of year in which the reception will take place to determine the best product. Your guests will be satisfied with their meals if made with seasonal products. Consider basic concepts such as the fact that most people may not want to eat cold food if it’s in the middle of a frozen winter. Otherwise, a large roast pig can surprise your sweat glands if you choose this meal in summer.

Consider food allergies from your guests to make sure you have alternatives. Employers will generally respond to these requests. Remember also the age. Parents and young children may not eat that much.


While the dessert you choose will be appreciated if the food it indulges you massively, try not to overdo it with your dessert and don’t over-enrich them. In general, individual dishes served at the table are the easiest way to serve dessert.

Again beware of the season. If you have a wedding in the summer, you may not want to eat the melted or crushed pudding, or a very rich and heavy. Sometimes couples choose to make a wedding cake as a dessert. It’s economical and practical, but you can have a lot of pudding ideas.

Desserts are also the perfect food to be more decorative. Add coulis, give, or gravy to the dessert to make it more attractive.

Fresh Tea and Hot Coffee:

Since not everyone will have coffee or tea, it may not be enough to lighten the table by not placing cups and plates. Having a separate table for drinking coffee and tea is the best thing to do here. It will also encourage your guests to leave their desks, to circulate and socialize. You may want to add four small plates or wedding cake pieces on this table.

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