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Online Shopping & Fake Reviews

Shopping Online & Fake Reviews

Beware of Fake Reviews while Shopping Online

In order not to get caught up in shopping for things that turn out to be of poor quality, it’s easiest to read reviews of other buyers. The ‘five-star’ feature on e-commerce sites makes it easy for you to select items with the best reviews from hundreds of stores and items. Not infrequently a product with low prices is full of good reviews to lure consumers into buying it. But depending on the decision to purchase goods based on review is not entirely true. You need to be aware of the phenomenon of fake goods reviews when shopping online. Not all good reviews of a product can be trusted, so are bad reviews. Online shops can use technology to add positive reviews that they make themselves. It could be that most reviewers are not real consumers.

Here are some items that many use fake reviews to increase their sales:


Cosmetics are the most purchased items, especially for women. You might prefer to buy cosmetics through an online store because it is more practical and can get various types of products that are not sold at the nearest store. If you see cosmetics with high reviews, you should not rush to buy them. Especially if the price is calculated far from the market price. It is possible that the product is fake and dangerous to use.

Gadgets $ Accessories:

Gadgets today can be said to be a primary need for most people. The most sought after items by consumers are devices and supporting accessories (headsets, chargers, smartwatches, etc.). Usually, fake reviews on this product are found in replica items. If you decide to buy a gadget through an online store, you should check it carefully or more safely if you buy it at the gadget’s official online shop.

Branded Clothes & Shoes:

Clothes and shoes are daily necessities that are not separated from our lives. Apart from being a necessity, now clothes have become a measure of one’s style and class. If someone wears a shirt with a famous brand, then that person is considered cool or fashionista. Not different from shoes. The more outstanding your shoe brand, the more famous you are. You might find clothes and shoes with well-known brands for sale in an online shop, but be careful when buying. Even though the online shop has a useful review from its customers, you cannot just believe it. It could be that they did a fake review and did not rule out the goods they were selling were also false.

Buying items online is fun, because, in addition to being practical, you can also do it anytime and anywhere. But don’t buy just because of some excellent reviews, you must be sure that they offer genuine items.


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