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Things You Should Anticipate from Duty Free Shopping

Things You Should Anticipate from Duty Free Shopping

Things You Should Expect From A Quality DFS Shopping

DFS shopping is what you expect whenever you are traveling overseas. Duty-free items are the products that are free from all kinds of sales, VAT, or custom taxes. They are interesting because they would be far cheaper than the ones you usually buy in your own country. If you could play your cards right, you could save more than 20% of your shopping budget. So, what things you should expect from a quality DFS shopping? Here are some insights to help you get benefits from your trips overseas.

Check for Duty Free Label:

Buying products which don’t have any “duty free” labels on them could cost you taxes upon arrival in your home country. The charges depend on the product’s value, and if you don’t have any purchase receipt with you, the customs might look for the average price on the local market. This is why you should carefully see if there are any duty-free labels or not. You can also get catalogs of duty-free products on certain flights. Use this chance to look for items you have been yearning for and make sure to read the regulations in your country carefully.

Price Comparisons:

A quality DFS shopping involves your knowledge of the products and local price. There are many tourists traps around the duty-free shops, and you might be their next victim. Since visitors rarely have enough knowledge of local brands, they often offer imported goods at a higher price than average. If you want to get the best deal, better avoid products like electronics, cosmetics, clothes, and cameras. They are often mixed with imported brands, and unless you have enough knowledge, you will end up spending more money than you should. Expensive products, such as electronics and cameras, often attracts custom officers. You would have to pay for the taxes based on how much the prices are.

Shop Wisely:

Most things on DFS shopping areas would stimulate the visitors to spend money on them. Hence, you should avoid impulse buying at all cost. You should know what you want to buy before you go into duty-free shops and avoid spontaneous purchases. Unnecessary items lead you to spend more and save less. Only buy things that have high taxation rate like expensive jewelry, tobacco, or liquors if you like fine alcohols. Usually, they came with various taxes, and by shopping in duty-free shops, you can save hundreds of dollars. Lastly, even if you can save more, don’t forget about the customs regulations in your country. If you bring items more than you should, the tax would be severe. Shop wisely.

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